Meet Hannah. She's my sister-in-law/former roommate. (Yes, she is the reason I met my husband... thank hann.... I owe you big time...!) She is vivacious, wild, and smart and talented.
The first time I heard about Dustin was at one of Pat's fall scrimmages. Hannah told me that she had met a guy, and that he was so cute, and tall, and amazing and EEEEEE!!! (Girl squeals all around).  She had a date with him that night, and she was even wearing mascara for it! (if you know Hannah, this is a big deal. I think the last time she wore mascara was when she dressed up as Stevie Nicks for a Halloween show at Muse in Provo). 
Anyways, things escalated quickly, (as these things tend to do...) and I've never seen Hannah so giddy or smiley before! 
They are getting married on May 25, 2013. YAY! 
Welcome to the fam Dustin, we think you're pretty great. 


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the vintage, nostalgia feel to these photos and they're such a cute, happy couple!

  2. Emma! Beautiful. I love that they do look nostalgic, as was mentioned before me.